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With the help of highly qualified and caring addiction treatment advisors affiliated with Middlesex Drug Rehab Centers, you can be paired with a well-respected and legitimate drug and alcohol rehab center to help you recover from your addiction. The advisory services that we provide for those in need of treatment for their drug and alcohol addiction are completely free-of-charge. There is no need to worry about compensating us for the advisory services that we offer.

We have a nationwide network of high-end drug and alcohol rehab centers that provide the highest standard of quality addiction treatment and supportive care to their patients. With the featured and sponsored listings of these rehab centers, we may receive compensation for our advertisement and referral service efforts.

As advisors in the addiction treatment field, we can help anyone residing in Middlesex, New Jersey find quality addiction treatment in Middlesex, New Jersey, or in another city within the nearby surrounding areas.

By pairing you with a rehab center staffed with professional, knowledgeable, and experienced therapists and counselors that specialize in addiction treatment, we are helping you to make the first step in achieving lifelong sobriety.

You don’t have to be imprisoned by the all-consuming grip of addiction. You can be free of the powerful hold that drug and alcohol addiction has on you. You just have to make the choice in calling Middlesex Drug Rehab Centers today at (877) 804-1531.

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About Middlesex, New Jersey

Located between New York City and Philadelphia as a borough of Middlesex County, New Jersey sits a stretch of land just waiting to be discovered and explored by both residents and visitors alike.

In Middlesex New Jersey, you can find a wide variety of activities to stimulate those that have a deep appreciation and love for the greater outdoors. There is no shortage of outdoor activities to engage in within Middlesex, New Jersey, especially for outdoor enthusiasts that enjoy an active lifestyle.

Escaping from the urban cityscape and entering into the nature-filled wonders when visiting the Rutgers Ecological Preserve is an idyllic activity to engage in for those outdoor enthusiasts. This nature preserve is the perfect place for a fun-filled day of hiking, biking, and walking through the trails to bask in the ambiance of the natural beauty that Middlesex has to offer.

Cheesequake State Park is an oasis of nature that includes hiking trails, mountain biking, outdoor camping, lakes for swimming and boating, and even marsh and tidal estuary areas. Visit this park to explore all that it has to offer.

Farrington Lake, a freshwater reservoir is an angler’s paradise. This very popular like in Middlesex, New Jersey is home to a large number of fish species, such as channel catfish, yellow perch, largemouth bass, chain pickerel and northern pike.

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Being held prisoner by drug and alcohol addiction is not so different from being held prisoner at an actual correctional facility. Addiction hinders a person from being able to experience all of the wonders and joyful aspects that life has to offer. 

A convicted felon imprisoned within a correctional facility is stuck in a small, enclosed space where their options are limited. They often carry a feeling of pure loneliness and isolation, similar to that of someone that is caught in the grips of active addiction.

The typical life of an addict is a very lonely and isolated life. Most don’t take into account the fact that drug and alcohol abuse not only numbs one’s feelings on a physical and emotional level. It also prevents one from enjoying life’s pleasures and all of the amazing wonders that it has to offer.

We only have one life to live in this world. Why would you want to prevent yourself from enjoying life for all that it’s worth? Unless you decide to seek professional help for your drug and alcohol addiction, then you will never be able to abstain from substance abuse, thus disallowing yourself to fully enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

By calling Middlesex Drug Rehab Centers and speaking to one of our advisors, you can be paired with a drug rehab in Middlesex, New Jersey or a rehab within the surrounding Middlesex County areas. Don’t be a prisoner any longer. Be free from the powerful hold that addiction has on you. Make the right choice in seeking our free advisory services.

To learn more about our services and what addiction treatment options are available for you, call Middlesex Drug Rehab Centers now at (877) 804-1531.

Upcoming Middlesex AA & NA Meetings:

Meeting Day & Time Location
NA Christ Reformed Church Mon, 7:30 PM Stardust Ballroom Group Men, Discussion/Participation 5 Paterson Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
AA Plainsboro Sat. Night Sat, 7:00 PM Plainsboro Presby. Church 500 Plainsboro Rd, Cranbury, NJ 08512
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